Highly suspicious

O came in the living room asking for a snack. A minute later S comes running in.
S: Did O tell on me?
Me: Tell on you for what?
S: Uh, nothing. Nothing.
… I went and looked in their room and didn’t see any damage or anything but I am highly suspicious now.
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Chicken update

Hey y’all. I bet you’d thought I’d forgot about this blog, huh? No, I’m just easily distracted.

My mom moved in with us and has taken over caring for the chickens. We’re planning to fence part of the yard off just for them because it is too hectic trying to let them free range without letting the dogs out. Betty got ahold of Gladys and I swear, I thought she was dead (Gladys I mean). There were a bunch of feathers, but no blood, yet she was limp and unresponsive. I put her in a box with a towel and shut her in the bathroom thinking I’d come back to find she had passed. I went in to check on her a little later and she was up and clucking and has been fine ever since. Do chickens play dead? It still gave me a heart attack so we’re going to give them their own part of the yard.

The part of the yard that would be easiest to set aside for them is pretty much lacking in grass because it is in the shade. It has a weird sandy soil, so I want to find something to grow there for them. I know chickens will scratch up anything green so it might be a lost cause. My other thought was planting outside the fenced part along the fence line so they can peck at it but not scratch it.

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Getting back on track after anxiety

I’ve been battling anxiety since I had the flu in January. I got really sick and I kept reading news stories about how many were dying from the flu. It took over all my thoughts and I got to where I honestly couldn’t function from the panic. I saw the doctor who took me out of work and put me on Prozac and Xanax. I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was first diagnosed at 11. I was off my medicine for way too long, and I had gone cold turkey because I lost my health insurance last year after my husband was laid off. Thankfully I got a new health insurance plan through healthcare.gov so I was able to get treatment again finally. Anyway, the point of all this is that I kinda, sorta, fell off the weight loss wagon but I’m back again. I’m working on getting back on track and joined the Fatgirlfedup’s MARCHing Into A Healthier You Dietbet. I’ve got 4 weeks to lose 6.2 pounds. I took my sneakers to work today and walked on my lunch hour and I’m back to tracking my food. I can totally do this.

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I rejoined WeightWatchers for their new Freestyle program

I re-joined Weight Watchers yesterday, for real for real. I’m struggling hardcore on my own. I’m currently trying to follow the clean eating meal plans from Fit Girl’s Guide and I want to love it, because hooray healthy food, but it is hard to fit into my crazy busy schedule, especially since I’m kinda lazy. However I’ve had the most success with Weight Watchers, so back I go.

Today was my first meeting back and I hadn’t gained back as much as I thought I had. I’m at 161.2 pounds. When I started this whole, you know, actual effort to lose weight, I was at 173 pounds. So I’m still under my high weight.

Anyway, the meeting. They literally just switched to a new program (uh, today actually) called Freestyle that has more zero point foods, including beans, eggs, fish, and chicken breast. I was pretty excited to learn about it. Now, portions of zero foods are a bit scary, but I think that for me, it will be great. If I’m out running errands and stop for fast food, I can have the grilled chicken nuggets (I put hot sauce on mine for some zip), unsweet tea, and a fruit cup for 0 points. ZERO. Now my daily points went down, but another new thing is rolling over points. Again, I’m excited.

That’s where I am. Learning the new program, and struggling along. 2017 has been a tough year for me (a miscarriage in the Spring, my husband was laid off in August, are the highlights) and it has been difficult to not try living off cake icing out of a jar. I haven’t though. I want to get to a healthy weight so I can hopefully keep my blood pressure under control. I just need to keep remembering my why:

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I just need to get to the after

I try to plan what I’m going to wear to work, the night before. So I can sleep an extra 5-10 minutes in the morning.

Tuesday night, I planned my purple pants, and black top with purple trim. Nothing unusual.

Wednesday morning, I woke up, got dressed. And my pants didn’t fit. Like, had shrunk to toddler size overnight. Only they didn’t shrink. I grew.

“This is OK. This is fine. I can do this.” I thought to myself as I squished my gut in and buttoned my pants.

I was miserable. All day. I was like a mega-grand busted can of biscuits in those pants. I suffered through the day, just thankful that I was wearing a drapey top with them so no one could see the exploding muffin top. As soon as I got home I snapped a picture of me stuffed into them, and then took them off.

I’ll post the picture one day, labeled as before. But not yet. Not until I have an after.

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Holy cow, this blog is still here.

I’d totally forgotten about this little blog. Poor thing. I was just lamenting that I don’t have enough accountability now that I had to quit my WW meetings and suddenly remember this. 😁

Hubby was laid off over a month ago so I’m having to cut expenses and I couldn’t afford the monthly WW membership anymore. It’s a bummer but I downloaded iTrackBites on my phone for a one time fee of $2.99 so I’ve got that going. While it is pretty clunky looking after using the WW app for so long, it has some nifty features like being able to choose between WW SP, PP, or classic. I may try tracking using classic or PP just to change things up.

I’m going to post more on my Instagram and I found a couple of WW themed weight loss groups on Facebook to join. When I’m down about my weight loss journey, going on Instagram and Facebook really helps – I love seeing people’s before and after pictures and stories. I really hope I can have an “after” picture to post someday soon.

I’m working on meal planning this week and tracking, tracking, tracking. I’ve been really off track recently so I need to go back to the basics. I’m burned out on my breakfasts (oatmeal or egg muffins) so I’m trying to find something else. I love grits, so I’m trying to come up with a recipe for like a cheese and spinach grits casserole that I could portion out for each morning. As long as I use a low point cheese and I keep portions in check on the overall thing, I think it could be a success, but we’ll see. All of the recipes that I’m finding call for tons of full fat cheese and butter and heavy cream and bacon and more butter. I’ll post how it goes, keep your fingers crossed for me.

Please feel free to let me your know how your weight loss journey is going, or if you’re from Instagram, what your IG user name is. I’d love to use this blog for more accountability and making weight loss friends.

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My first garden harvest

Look what I grew! A cucumber! It is my first one and was the only one so far. I don’t have any recipes that call for cucumber so I think it will get put into a salad with some hard boiled eggs from my girls in the backyard. I’m not much of a salad person unless there is some boiled egg and ranch dressing involved.

please excuse the blurry photo but YAY

Something else I’m currently “growing” is this abandoned kitten a friend found. She didn’t have a place to keep it and it was tiny and bony scrawny and flea infested. He is currently getting kitten formula and combings with a flea comb and is doing well. I’m planning to rehome him but we’ll see. It is kitten season so all the rescues all overrun with babies. Meet Yoda:


My volunteer pumpkin vine is doing well although no pumpkins yet. I really need to get out and work in the yard but the mosquitos are awful, even with bug spray on. Heck, everything is awful this year; mosquitos, fleas, ticks, flies. Ugh. I knew it would be like this though because our winter was so warm this year. It’s always warm, this is Georgia after all, but we needed a good hard freeze to kill off the bugs. We’re also getting crazy things like earwigs and carpenter ants all over the place. I’m starting prayers NOW for snow this winter.

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Making it up as I go along

I’ve been doing the stay at home mom thing for a week now. So far, so good.
Finding things to keep the kids occupied has been tough. They’re obsessed with their tablets, TV, and for the oldest, Minecraft. I kick them off technology regularly and get whines of “I’m bored!”. Ugh. I tried suggesting things for them to do and got a resounding “No!”. I’ve been leaving them to solve the boredom and after a whole week, they are finally getting into pretend play again with their toys, and reading or looking at books. The other day I made banana bread and the oldest volunteered to help and really enjoyed it. He also ate it (actually over half of the loaf) without telling me it looked weird, so I call it a success.
Yesterday I painted a “No Solicitors” sign, because the religious and sales people have been driving me up the wall. Both boys kept wanting to help, so I went and dug through my craft supplies and found some flower pots for them to paint. I think we’ll try turning them into wind chimes in a day or two when they’re getting antsy to do some crafting again. If I suggest it, it will be a no, but if I let them start asking, they’ll be gung ho for it.
Can you tell from my painting that I’m a huge Mary Engelbreit fan? I’ve always loved how bright and cheerful her pictures are. I’d never painted something like this before and wound up painting how I doodle. The slate plaque is from Goodwill – it has an ugly Christmas scene on the other side. I tried removing it with nail polish remover but that didn’t work so I just flipped it over.
Next week is vacation Bible school for the oldest and that will be a relief. I’m still trying to come up with creative things for them to do and it will give more time.


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What’s living so far

I sprouted from seeds this year instead of buying baby plants. Not everything has died so I consider that a success. One vine cucumber is thriving:


The peppers are all perking along and need to be transplanted to give each other more room:


And I have a volunteer something from the compost I mixed into the soil around the raspberry bush. I think and hope it is a pumpkin vine:


What do you think? Is my pumpkin guess correct?


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Taking stock

I found several packets of outdated seeds  (peas, lettuce, and pumpkins). I’m going to try sprouting them and see what happens. I bought 2 bags of potting soil tonight and I’ve been saving my toilet paper and paper towel rolls and popsicle sticks. The popsicle sticks are to label and stick in the dirt and the toilet paper rolls are to cut into little seed sprouting cups. Hooray for recycling! One things I’ve already learned is that gardening doesn’t have to be expensive.

I redeemed some of my Swagbucks  for e-Bay gift certificates and bought some muscadine seeds from a seller on a farm in Virginia. For those that don’t know, muscadines are big, fat grapes, perfect for jelly and wine. I plan to sprout some vines and grow them up a trellis attached to the privacy fence. Then, some day, I’ll harvest them and make wine.

Mmm, muscadine wine. I remember the first time I had some. I was at a sleepover and my friend’s mom had made some and let us each have a little shot glass of some. The other girls didn’t like it but I did. I waited until they set their glasses aside and then snagged and drank them. It was enough to give little 13 year old me a healthy buzz. I know, I was a terrible child.

Now that I’m older (you know, legal drinking age) I’ve had some bought off the shelf in a store and it is not the same as home made. I can’t wait to try making my own. Of course there are tons of recipes on the interwebz.

Any wine makers here? If so, do you have a great muscadine wine recipe I should try?

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