101 in 1001

I found the wonderful idea of a 101 in 1,001 list on someone’s blog, somewhere. I’ve since lost the link but I love the thought of trying to do 101 new (or new-ish – like bowling which I haven’t done in a million years and never with my kids) things in 1,001 days. I’m trying to be more self sufficient and stretch my comfort levels out and just do some fun stuff.

Today is May 23, 2018 and 1,001 days from now is February 17, 2021. So between now and then, I need to get these 101 things done or I will donate $5 for each thing I don’t get done ($505 if I don’t do any of them!) to Planned Pethood of Duluth which is my favorite non-profit. Here goes:

  1. Go screen free for a weekend as a family (no TV, computer, tablets, or smart phones except to call or text)
  2. Go bowling as a family.
  3. Go to a water park.
  4. Go to a con – maybe DragonCon which is nearby in Atlanta but I’ve never been.
  5. Make my own soap.
  6. Make cheese.
  7. Bake a loaf of bread.
  8. Put up a bat house.
  9. Make a fairy/gnome door.
  10. Contribute books to a Little Free Library .
  11. Complete a 5K.
  12. Tie dye something!
  13. Go camping overnight.
  14. Make s’mores over a fire with the kids
  15. Make 5 things from my numerous Pinterest boards
  16. Make 5 MORE things from my Pinterest boards
  17. Make an album of baby pictures for 1 kid
  18. Make an album of baby pictures for the other kid (all my pictures that aren’t framed are stuffed in a Rubbermaid tote. That needs to change.
  19. Have a party
  20. Take a family trip