Incoming new bed

Well the house isn’t here yet, but I’m already making big plans. I have always wanted a brass bed in real life, so I thought, “Why not in mini instead?” and went on e-bay looking. Of course I immediately found one and it was part of a bedroom lot for sale. I was the only bidder and got it for only $24.99 which I thought was a pretty good deal.
The e-bay seller’s photo:

I don’t want/need the sewing machine, dummy, and washer stand and pitcher, but I am planning to sell a lot of minis that aren’t going to fit in (in order to fund buying more minis) so they will just go in with those.
I have been finding some great mini giveaways from other blogs lately. In addition to entering them, I made a page here to share them. Scroll up and look for the tab that says “Great Giveaways From Other Mini Bloggers”; it’s a mouth full I know!  

About SarahK

Single mom. Cat lady. Loves red wine, thrift stores, the zombie apocalypse, artsy craftsy projects I never finish, tacos, Sherlock, and old houses.
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4 Responses to Incoming new bed

  1. 17-17 says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I see you bought beautiful funiture, I really like them.


  2. I'm planning on selling some mini furniture too. There are some pieces that aren't my style, so it's highly unlikely I'll ever need them. The shabby white bed in Cupcake Cottage is brass underneath–I got it when I bought a dollhouse at a garage sale. It will be fun to get your new furniture in the mail. 🙂 xo Jennifer


  3. Sarah K. says:

    The shabby white bed is so pretty-I'll have to keep in mind that I could always paint my little bed if I need a change. What sort of paint did you use?


  4. Sarah K. says:

    Thank you very much Magda!


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