Oooh I’m making bathroom PROGRESS

Can you tell how excited about it I am? I got the wallpaper in and some paper flooring down. I’m going to replace the flooring with tile or real wood at some point, but I got down to the floor and couldn’t leave it blank. 

I still need some towels to hang, towel bars, soaps, and some art and maybe a few wall shelves. Oh and little rugs!

I keep looking at the fabric that I have and I haven’t found anything that is the right texture for little tiny towels and washcloths. Any leads on fabric that is the right size texture and finish?

It is a little bit crowded, but I’ve had smaller bathrooms in places that I’ve lived that weren’t nearly as nice.

Edited to add:
I posted about the main pieces in my previous bathroom post but for the other bits:
the wallpaper is by Broadnax (bought at Miniature Designs)
the floor paper is by itsy bitsy mini (also bought at Miniature Designs)
the flamingo came from the Zoo Atlanta gift shop when our family visited a few weeks ago
the little stool is a champagne cork cage that I plan to re-cover
the cat, Wolfie, is by *reve*
the little books sitting on the stool are by jennykelm
anything else has been from various mini shows I’ve attended in the past or swaps I’ve participated in

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Single mom. Cat lady. Loves red wine, thrift stores, the zombie apocalypse, artsy craftsy projects I never finish, tacos, Sherlock, and old houses.
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4 Responses to Oooh I’m making bathroom PROGRESS

  1. Christina O says:

    Very cute! I love that tub.

    I'm interested to know if anyone else has suggestions for towels too. I've always given up the search and just cut up a real washcloth with a short nap.


  2. Love the shutters, the tub and the vanity!!! Such great pieces that add character and uniqueness to the space. I also adore the cats by *reve* and hope that one day I can afford one. As for towels, I go to the dollar store and buy baby washcloths. It has the texture of towels but in teeny-tiny form. Hope that helps! You can see examples of it in my dollhouse bathroom. Check out the DIY/Archives link on the sidebar. (


  3. Sarah K. says:

    Can you believe the vanity was from a funky bathroom roombox I found at a thrift store? It was only thing in the box I wanted, everything else was weirdly scaled but the vanity was perfect! I think I paid $3 for the whole thing.

    I hadn't thought about baby washcloths, I'm going to have to make a Dollar Tree run tomorrow.

    I stalked *reve* on ebay for months and scrimped and saved, then finally snagged Wolfie by watching the bids on him till the last second. It was excruciating but I love him.

    You know what I love about your blog? That you have your dollhouse and everything else going on in your life there. I have my regular blog, but I've never posted about my minis there. Which is silly when I think of it and after seeing your blog, I'm not sure why I have separate ones.


  4. Sarah K. says:

    Lindsey commented below that she likes the texture of baby washcloths from the dollar store. I'm going to try to go look for some tomorrow. I'll post how they turn out!


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