Find a happy place

Little O had his first ear infection, a double ear infection. It was awful. Other than some jaundice as a newborn, he hadn’t ever been sick and is nearly 7 months old. Poor B had probably been sick a dozen times by the time he was 6 months (thanks, black mold infested house). Hooray for wonderful pediatricians and medicines and grandmas (my mom) who come at the drop of a hat to rescue (ie: scrape off the ceiling) tired, stressed mamas (me). Oh and coffee. Lots of coffee, because I don’t think Little O slept for 48 hours or so. Just screamed and screamed.

He is better-ish now. Poor B of course didn’t understand why his little bro was getting all the attention and so he amped up his already enthusiastic personality (he got super obnoxious, super fast) to make up for it. I’m getting some sort of icky-ness and have felt like poop through the whole thing.

Tonight though, at the moment, both kids are in bed, zonked out. I’m playing with my dollhouse. Arranging tiny furniture, fluffing little pillows, that sort of thing. It is my Zen.


 See? There is even a bonsai tree involved. Can’t get more Zen than that. Notes: ignore the lack of flooring and that the couch needs recovering. It is still a major work in progress. Yes, the cat is cleaning his butt. Even mini cats are rude sometimes.

I made the table from a House of Miniatures kit. It was supposed to have an opening drawer in front but I accidentally glued it shut. To hide that, I glued ribbon and trim over it. I’m not crazy about the polka dots and may change it some day but it works for now. I made the little white dish from fimo. The bonsai was bought at a mini show a long time ago and the wine bottle painting is from LyssasBudgetMinis on Etsy.

What’s your Zen time?

About SarahK

Single mom. Cat lady. Loves red wine, thrift stores, the zombie apocalypse, artsy craftsy projects I never finish, tacos, Sherlock, and old houses.
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