First Weight Watchers meeting, today’s weigh in, and looking back at my weight gain

Me – today at 171.6 lbs
OK y’all, I did it. I went to my very first Weight Watchers meeting. Here is a picture of me today. I want to be able to look back in a few months and marvel. My home scale says I’m 172 pounds but the WW scale said 171.6. My first goal is to lose 5% which equals 9 pounds. I don’t know why but 9 pounds seems like a lot. I haven’t been in the low 160s since… well, I can’t remember. 
It is hard to tell when I really gained the weight. I’m 4’11 and weighed around 112-118 all through high school. College came and I got into the mid 120s. Then I started my first office job and went to the high 120s. I kept telling myself I’d eventually lose it, but it was so gradual, I never really noticed. When I hit 140 I joined WW for the first time and lost about 10 pounds and quit. Then the weight snuck back on and suddenly I was engaged and around 150. I kept thinking I’d do something to lose weight before my wedding and I lost about 5 pounds I think, but that was it.
June 2008 – 145 lbs or so

I became pregnant with our first son a few months after we were married and gained soo much weight, it was ridiculous. I was around 230 pounds when I delivered him. Then my blood pressure shot up and I was diagnosed with postpartum pre-eclampsia and treated – the treatment eliminated 13 liters of fluid (think of six and a half 2 liter bottles of soda – that was the amount of fluid I was retaining). That took my weight down to 180 or so and I lost about 10 more pounds in the next month. 

December 2009 – 170 pounds
Over the next few years, I bounced between 160 and 170 pounds. 
Then I became pregnant again. This time I was really scared of my blood pressure going up again so I watched what I ate and drank tons of water. I only gained about 15 pounds which my doctor said was normal since I was overweight to begin with. My second son was born August 2012. Unfortunately, I still wound up with pre-e again and this time landed in ICU for the treatment which was terrifying. It all resolved though after that hospital stay and a few months on blood pressure medicine. I didn’t lose weight though. I became very anxious and depressed and spent a  year in counseling. My weight was the least of my worries because I was battling panic attacks and trying to be a good mom to my boys while my husband was on the road (he was a long haul trucker at that time and gone for 2-3 weeks sometimes). I found Jazzercise and loved it and lost 10 pounds.
We moved again so my husband could come off the road and find a local job. I went back to work and promptly gained all the weight back that I lost from Jazzercise. I became more anxious and depressed but ate too much and drank too much wine in order to cope. I have very few pictures of myself from the past few years because I hated the way I looked in them. The few that do exist have me hiding behind one of the kiddos. I didn’t want to see my double chin and jiggle belly. I’m working on doing better about that. Even if I’m not happy with pictures, I want my kids to have pictures of our entire family. 
October 2016
I really hope that I can stick with this, this time. My first Weight Watchers meeting left me feeling really hopeful for the first time in a long time. I can lose 9 pounds. I’ve lost it before. I’ll get there and then just keep going. 

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Single mom. Cat lady. Loves red wine, thrift stores, the zombie apocalypse, artsy craftsy projects I never finish, tacos, Sherlock, and old houses.
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