Chugging along on Weight Watchers

OK, so it has been a few weeks on Weight Watchers and I’m still losing weight with no exercise. I’m down a total of 6.4 pounds now. It is like an early Christmas miracle. Some things I’ve discovered that are awesome and low in points are:

Opa Ranch or Feta Dill dressing – this stuff is delicious and 1 SmartPoint per tablespoon. It would run a tight race with my mother-in-laws famous ranch dressing. I’m not going to say which would win because I’d like my in-laws to keep speaking to me. Good with veggies or I even dipped grilled chicken in it one night and it was super yummy.

Good Thins potato snacks – they are like potato chips and crackers combined! I love them spread with a Laughing Cow Light Swiss Wedge.

Premier Protein chocolate protein shake – they taste like Slimfast honestly, which is great for me, I drank Slimfast all through high school. I like the taste and they are a quick 2 SmartPoint breakfast or snack.

Green Giant (broccoli and cheese) Veggie Tots – holy cow these things are amazing! I can have 6 of them for 4 SmartPoints and even my kids like them. They’re  worth every point. Do you remember when Burger King had cheese tots on their breakfast menu? Those were the best thing ever and then they did away with them. Well the broccoli cheese tots are just like those but with broccoli instead of potatoes. I know, it sounds weird but it is so dang good. I eat mine plain, hot from the oven, but my kids use ketchup.

I found all of the food listed at Walmart.

There you have it. I’m still losing weight on the Weight Watchers plan WITHOUT EXERCISE and I’m discovering some great food. If you’re on Weight Watchers, what else should I try?

About SarahK

Single mom. Cat lady. Loves red wine, thrift stores, the zombie apocalypse, artsy craftsy projects I never finish, tacos, Sherlock, and old houses.
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