I rejoined WeightWatchers for their new Freestyle program

I re-joined Weight Watchers yesterday, for real for real. I’m struggling hardcore on my own. I’m currently trying to follow the clean eating meal plans from Fit Girl’s Guide and I want to love it, because hooray healthy food, but it is hard to fit into my crazy busy schedule, especially since I’m kinda lazy. However I’ve had the most success with Weight Watchers, so back I go.

Today was my first meeting back and I hadn’t gained back as much as I thought I had. I’m at 161.2 pounds. When I started this whole, you know, actual effort to lose weight, I was at 173 pounds. So I’m still under my high weight.

Anyway, the meeting. They literally just switched to a new program (uh, today actually) called Freestyle that has more zero point foods, including beans, eggs, fish, and chicken breast. I was pretty excited to learn about it. Now, portions of zero foods are a bit scary, but I think that for me, it will be great. If I’m out running errands and stop for fast food, I can have the grilled chicken nuggets (I put hot sauce on mine for some zip), unsweet tea, and a fruit cup for 0 points. ZERO. Now my daily points went down, but another new thing is rolling over points. Again, I’m excited.

That’s where I am. Learning the new program, and struggling along. 2017 has been a tough year for me (a miscarriage in the Spring, my husband was laid off in August, are the highlights) and it has been difficult to not try living off cake icing out of a jar. I haven’t though. I want to get to a healthy weight so I can hopefully keep my blood pressure under control. I just need to keep remembering my why:

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